Nails, Roves, Wood Screws, Machine Screws, Studs, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Rod, Sheet.

Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd is the Australian & New Zealand Sole Distributor for Yushung Metal Products Co ltd.

Wood Screws - Nails -Roves - Bolts - Nuts - Machine Screws - Washers - Studs - Rod - Sheet.



Silicon Bronze - Phosphor Bronze - Aluminum Bronze - Monel - Brass - Copper - Kuprodur -Cupronickel


Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd

Australian & New Zealand Sole Distributor for Yushung Metal Products Co ltd.

Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd is the only specialist non-ferrous fastener distributor supplying high quality products to recognised industry standards. DIN ISO ANSI ASTM

~ Est 2009 ~


ASTM Fastener Materials

Brass C36000, C37710, C27400, C27200, C27000, C26000.

Silicon Bronze C65100, C65500, C65600 .

Phosphor Bronze C51000, C51100, C54400, C51900.

Aluminum Bronze C60800, C61000, C62300, C63000, C95600.

Monel K400, K500 .

Copper C11000, C1010

"Made in a country"

The easiest and oldest product differentiation there is, "made in a country" used since the dawn of the industrial age to evoke patriotism and quality by association due to perceived superiority of one countries skilled people over another.

Our products are made on planet earth, by skilled people at Yushung Metals

Australian Company 

Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd is a independent privately owned Australian Company supplying Silicon Bronze, Brass & Copper products for Marine, Architectural and specialised Industrial applications. In addition to our extensive range of ex-stock products, we can supply custom fasteners manufactured to supplied specification with certification if required.

Yushung Metal Products Co Ltd

Single link supply insures consistent high quality fasteners are supplied for projects through their construction, commissioning and maintenance.

High quality high volume manufacturing by Yushung Metal Products with material certification supplied by the mill or by independent accredited labs in Australia has allowed us to supply large and small projects around the world.

Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd has worked closely on a daily bases with Yushung Metals since 2008 and continue to do so, allowing us to provide tailored services and products for Marine, Architecture and Engineering applications.


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