About Us

Some business’s are usually the result of requirement, either something is not available or you can’t find what you like. So you decide find a solution with out really thinking it through what the outcome could be.

Back in 2009 That is how this “mirco company” started, I had no real expectation of being a fastener supplier,

The direction started from going off the tools in the building industry and landing an office job still in the building industry, Just a bit more relaxed and consistent. So for the first time since completing wooden boat course in Tasmania I started wood working in my spare time again, built some furniture for friends the usual as everyone does, Started thinking about boats again and having a workshop.

During 2007 I used up the last of family generational stash of brass screws, figured if I was going to have a workshop I might need to find a screw supplier. Did the googling thing found suppliers in the USA (thought that was a little inconvenient) in process found Yushung Metal Products did more searching… sort of got distracted for a time

Until I decided to build a boat.. in 2008 sometime, I had tried the contact given by the boat school, but had no luck there, the alternative stock that was available was very expensive when compared to the USA suppliers, it did not make much sense, what had created the disparity… etc

Haveing gone in circles for some time I finally gave up and ordered screws in Australia, in the process found out that Otter had stopped production here.

So the gears started to turn slowly, suppling just brass screws was not really viable alone but if there was some demand for silicon bronze screws still it might be viable sideline to a workshop.

Start of 2009 first order was placed with Yushung Metals, thinking I had just ordered a life time supply of wood screws….


Micro Company

“Micro Company” there are many ways to measure something, volume, height, displacement and share price.

Small business does not really describe us, you won’t find us listed on the stock exchange and we don’t have 1000’s of employees. Many of our customers do, are and have all of those things that make them large global companies. Both of us have one thing that doesn’t really change from micro to global and that responsibilities.

Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd started out as sole trader in an old fodder shed in the middle of a cow paddock. I went full time with the business in 2011 then become a company in 2012. Over the continuing years the range stock increased as industries we supplied broadened and projects grew. Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd became know across industries as a specialised supplier of quality non-ferrous products.

As sole Australian & New Zealand Distributor for Yushung Metals our primary responsibility is and always has been to promote and ensure the use of products supplied by Yushung Metal Products Co. Ltd in projects across Australia, New Zealand and globally.

Anthony Cowan


Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd

“ with an axe you can everything you need” old Swedish proverb

from and old boat builder on the west coast, south of Orust .